Friday, March 22, 2013

Meet Anthony Noble

Anthony Noble is a political science major, horticulturalist, ONE president, surfer, and a peacebuilder. Anthony is from Monroe, Washington, but his family is originally from Vietnam. Anthony found out about the IPB program when he was looking for a class to take in the winter. He saw a class called intercultural peace building and it fit exactly what he wanted to do with his life. Anthony wants to be a diplomat, and learning how to build relationships with others is very important for that position. The lesson he learned in IPB classes is that peace is possible if we believe in it and share it with others. Being a political science major, Anthony has been exposed to the bitterness of politics and the atrocities of war. He was sick of the fact that most people think that peace is impossible and violence is the only answer because that is what they are used too. His parents experienced the tragic events of the Vietnam War, contributing to his desire to become a peacebuilder. He believes the more people that believe in peace, the easier is for peace to happen. After just talking to Anthony for a few minutes, you can tell how he genuinely cares for people and believes in peace. Every week, he runs the mediation lab for IPB 400 students who are practicing their skills. Anthony has a natural talent for mediating with his warm demeanor and ability to connect similarities between conflicting parties.  He plans on traveling the world and working with international organizations. He served his mission in South Africa, witnessing poverty and the needs of the people. He is now the president of the ONE organization here on campus, leading BYUH last semester to a national victory among division one schools. The organization is built to "fight against extreme poverty," and this is one of the ways Anthony is getting involved with international organizations. At school, he is a resident adviser in Hale 2, and has used his peacebuilding tool belt in several housing conflicts. He loves to play basketball and surf, and did horticulture before he came to BYU Hawaii. His love for plants developed growing up in the beautiful and green land of Washington. It was a calming presence in his life, and he was able to work with a landscape architect at a young age. He decided to enroll in a Horticulture program at 16, and left high school to pursue his dreams. The more classes he took, the more he enjoyed learning about Horticulture. He connected the environment to peacebuilding by explaining there are many diverse plants in nature, yet they can grow together and form an amazing system that we nature. Whether it is global war or discussing plants, Anthony is able to connect peacebuilding concepts to his every day life and major. Anthony is one of the friendliest persons, and truly embodies what this program is all about.

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