Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Meet Chelsea Owens

Chelsea Owens is an EXS major, proud Alaskan, healthy cook, parrot-earring lover, and a peacebuilder. When I interviewed Chelsea, she brought me vegan cookies made from scratch. She explained that she's a health nut and she loves anything to do with cookies, so she comes to a happy compromise with healthy cookies. Anyone who knows Chelsea will say she's the easiest person to talk to and she speaks openly and honestly. You can always spot her with one her many pairs of parrot earrings she has collected over the years and is eager to talk about her love of Alaska. She is an exercise and sports science major, but also getting her peacebuilding certificate. I did not quite understand what she meant about their similarities until she said, “the body and the spirit are so interconnected that both need to be attended to.” She further went on how we cannot expect to grow spiritually if our body is suffering from underdevelopment. Chelsea plans on helping others take care of their physical body in order to have a better chance at maintaining a positive way of being in their mind. In peacebuilding, a positive way of being means honoring senses of helpfulness we have toward another person when we see their humanity. Chelsea wants to teach people what it takes to become attain peace, both in mind and body. She is thinking about becoming a health teacher for kids in high school. This vision of combining the physical and spiritual well being started with a friend named Katie Williams. She simply shared what she was learning in Brother Ford's class that semester. Another seed that was planted was Chelsea's semester experience at the BYU Jerusalem Center. Living there sparked a desire for her to find peace in Jerusalem, and after hearing her friend's story that Dr. Ford was working on mediating conflict in the Middle East, she was sold. She started the program before her mission in Brazil, and she just came back this semester, planning to graduate in April 2014. Chelsea loves how peacebuilding brings things into perspective constantly. The accumulation of Chelsea's experiences in life led her to the peacebuilding certificate. Her friend Katie was a turning point in inviting Chelsea to the program. Katie was simply discussing what she was learning in class as they swam at the beach together. The fact that students are discussing class lecture outside of class on a weekend speaks volumes of the program, and hints that these courses are applicable to daily life. Chelsea's new vision for her career is inspiring, but we should also learn from her experience with her friend. Be that friend to help enrich other student's lives and future careers. Teach your friends what you are learning and watch them connect the dots as to how that can apply to their field of study.


  1. I love this"I did not quite understand what she meant about their similarities until she said, “the body and the spirit are so interconnected that both need to be attended to.”"