Friday, March 22, 2013

Meet Rahei Tauaroa

Rahei Tauaroa is an IDS major, chocoholic, Tahitian dancer, wake boarder, and a peacebuilder. With her contagious smile and bright outlook on life, Rahei is a joy to be around. She dances for the PCC, but loves all types such as Latino dancing. Rahei will be graduating this semester with an IDS major that combines peacebuilding and entrepreneurship. Being able to incorporate these two areas has guided Rahei in learning many things she wants to implement back in her beautiful home of  Tahiti. She told me of the great lessons she had learned from these courses, especially the application of Brother Ford’s lectures she has utilized in her marriage. She explains how peacebuilding is a paradox because it calms her soul and opens her awareness.  Rahei told me how ideal it was to learn more about interpersonal skills in peacebuilding that she could apply to the business and entrepreurship field since it is filled with differing opinions, negotiations, and interpersonal relations. She learned that it’s not about the sale, but about the person’s needs and fulfilling them. As Rahei returns home, she has a couple projects in mind and would love to work for the government because she wants to be in the right spot when it comes to making important decisions for her country. Everyone is attracted to her light, and her example will influence and invite others to create peace. Before Rahei was converted to the church, she volunteered for a humanitarian mission in Peru where she distributed hygienic and school supplies, started a village water pump, and planted fruit trees. This opened her eyes to the possibilities in helping others, and she is currently involved in raising awareness of child labor in the Ivory Coast. The students at the head of this project are planning to educate children in the Ivory Coast once they receive their funding. She is currently on the committee to raise awareness. As her senior project she is working with Professor Walker to officially establish an promote intercultural understanding among local kids. Their goal is to create a safe space for youth to interact with children from diferent cultures and backgrounds, and be educated about Hawaiian culture. This is a brilliant idea because she is catching them in their youth, before tension and conflict escalates in later years. The participants are old enough to make their own decisions and take charge of their perspective. With her knowledge of peacebuilding and entrepreneurship attained at this university, Rahei is one of many on their journey of fulfilling the vision David O’ McKay. I’m excited to hear all about the great things she envisions for the people of Tahiti.

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